Bella is a 2008 Quarter horse who was bred, raised and trained by Matt and Brooke Lucas. Bella demonstrates a heightened level of sensitivity and intuition with children, always paying close attention to the kids around her and adjusting herself to accommodate them. She is a very calm, gentle, and sweet horse, teaching awareness and trust. She can be ridden English or Western and is great with trail obstacles. She has beautiful three-dimensional movement, making her suitable for Hippotherapy.

bella therapy horse


Reno is a 1995 Paint who was also bred, raised and trained by Matt and Brooke and family. She was primarily used as a trail horse in Northern California her whole life, then moving to Florida in 2006. She loves kids and being brushed and loved on. She has the most comfortable jog of any horse on the farm. She also loves trail, especially the bridge. She helps teach approaches to obstacles and transitions.

reno therapy horse


Taffy is a 2013 welsh pony. She has done some jumping and games before she came to GREAAT!. She has an amazing disposition for Therapeutic Riding and her size is perfect for the average 5-10 year-old rider. She is curious by nature and likes to play with the big balls and is always trying to take stuffed animals or arena aids off the fence. We plan to teach Taffy to pull a cart this year.

taffy therapy horse