Become a GREAAT! Volunteer

Volunteers are the backbone of our organization and our most valuable asset. As the primary concern of the program at GREAAT! is equine-assisted therapy and activities for individuals with special needs, a well trained group of volunteers is required to make the activities a pleasant and safe experience for all.

Download GREAAT! Volunteer Forms [downloads in pdf] Click to download PDF reader
GREAAT! Volunteer Handbook
Confidentiality Policy
Photo Release Form
Emergency Release Treatment Form

Training Sessions:

  • Volunteer training sessions are held three times a year: Fall, Spring and Summer
  • Additional group training is provided as need dictates
  • One-on-one sessions are arranged when necessary
  • All training sessions are held at the operating center and administered by GREAAT!’s experienced staff
  • Training sessions last two to three hours and include hands-on experience
  • The initial task in each training session consists of completing all personnel forms, followed by a review of basic information and safety guidelines

Training consists of three activities:

  • Watching a video on the Analysis of Horse and Movement
  • Tour of facility: explanation of duties and expectations, introduction to horses, equipment storage, grooming and tacking of horses, general equine safety and barn maintenance
  • Leading and side-walking during therapy sessions

General duties of volunteers and horse handlers:
• Assist with tacking by following updated specifications on the dry-erase board in the tack room
• Assist with untacking and maintaining organization of tack/grooming supplies in designated areas after first cleaning them, and brushing down equines

Horse Handler:
• Warm-up and Cool Down
• Mounting
• Therapeutic lunging

• Mounting
• Assist participant once mounted
• May be asked to engage the participant in activities
• Will monitor the participant and his/her positioning at all times

• May be asked to observe participant’s posture
• May be asked to videotape or photograph
• May be asked to document specific actions of participant in order to monitor his/her progress

Contact GREAAT! if you are interested in joining our exceptional volunteer team.