greaat testimonial

“Therapeutic Riding has provided Sarah with an opportunity to learn about horses, and most of all, have fun without even realizing that she is improving her balance, core strength, motor planning, visual tracking, vestibular system, speech, and many other academic skills! This is the one therapy that never seems like work! The children do not go on a mere pony ride, they are taught how to ride and care for a horse. The volunteers and instructors at Honey Horse Farm provide a warm, family-oriented environment and are passionate about the benefit of Therapeutic Riding and extremely knowledgeable about horses in general. Aside from riding, Sarah often has the opportunity to help feed the horses and chickens, collect eggs, and pick flowers in the garden. Therapeutic Riding is literally a breath of fresh air among a week filled with multiple therapy visits in the typical therapy setting. When Sarah arrives at Honey Horse Farm, she acts as if she is visiting family and leaves (when I can finally pull her away!!) a stronger, more confident little girl!”

Julie Sobel

“Milana was diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy around her first birthday. Milana has participated in OT and PT weekly since she was an infant, however when we moved to Gainesville we began looking for additional activities/therapies that would benefit her. We were excited when we learned about GREAAT! and hoped it would be a good fit. By the end of Milana’s first session we were confident that riding was going to become our new favorite therapy. After only a few weeks we noticed not only a boost in her confidence but also a significant increase in her core strength and balance. She has also shown an improvement in her posture and longer endurance when participating in physical activity. Milana has even overcome her anxiety about being dirty and has tried numerous new foods from the garden that is planted for the kids. Brooke, Carol and all the volunteers have been amazing to work with. They are incredibly patient and caring not only towards Milana, but also with her younger brother who typically tags along to watch sessions. We feel extremely blessed to have found such an amazing program!!”

Heather Tomeo