Community Advisory Board

The founders of GREAAT! recognize that one of its greatest assets is the local community, especially the families of current and potential clients. As such, GREAAT! has created the Community Advisory Board to elicit the aid of individuals who can help GREAAT! flourish and grow into the nationally recognized center that is envisioned by it’s founders. While there is no limit to the number of individuals that may serve on the Advisory Committee, at this time, GREAAT! wishes to keep the number to approximately ten (10) people.

The Community Advisory Board members provide information on the design and construction of the facility. In addition, members are asked to assist in future project management and organization. There is no set goals for the Committee, rather they are both a source of information and a well of new ideas. While GREAAT! continues to solicit new members, current members include:

Amanda Mattthews
Claudia Cuadros
Tiffani Ray
Sandi Rupp
Matt Lucas
Rob Matthews

Want to become a member of GREAAT!’s Community Advisory Board? Contact us and become an active participant in our future.