Paulius Zhukauskas – Vice President

Paulis is a first-generation American-Lithuanian, more or less born and raised here in Gainesville. He is currently enrolled at Santa Fe College with his bachelors half-way completed; majoring in microbiology, his goal is to become an equine veterinarian through the University of Florida. Paulis has been volunteering at GREAAT! since Spring 2017 and has both learned and experienced invaluable information for his eventual profession.

Paulis in his own words: “I have had the distinction or rather privilege to participate and help these children grow and become impressively proficient at utilizing and caring for these gentle giants (Although, Taffy is quite as much of a giant, but she is gentle most of the time.) A product of this is these children, who have difficulties, whether mental or physical, show finer motor function and focus surrounding these disabilities. GREAAT! is something I believe in and in return has provided me with a sizeable repertoire for the field I will one day be a part of, and for that I am eternally GREAAT-ful (Sorry for the pun.).”